Telephone: 01323 899950 office hours and allowing for a generous lunch hour.

Mobile: 07977 404061 auto answering and voice mail are disabled.

Text: The mobile does not lend itself to sending texts. You won’t get a reply.

e-mail: is best. Avoid our PayPal address because nobody reads it.

Beware our very enthusiastic spam filter. To avoid being filtered include buzzwords like cb-625 and chronoscope in your message.

If nobody answers your e-mail, be sure to include a telephone number when you complain. Perhaps the problem is at your end.

Post: Combro is officially at Unit 13, Cradle Hill Industrial Estate, but it is much more comfortable and warm at Robin’s house so that is the

place to send mail:-

Combro Ltd
22 Kammond Avenue
BN25 3JL