cb-625 can be repaired or recalibrated for the fixed price of £7.50 which includes parts, labour and return postage.

Send it with your return address to:-

Combro Ltd
22 Kammond Ave
BN25 3JL

Include a cheque for £7.50 payable to Combro Ltd. If you don’t have a UK cheque book, wait until you get it back then do

PayPal to or phone 01323 899950 with your plastic.

Include a note if there is no obvious fault and best not to assume anyone will remember telephone calls or e-mail exchanges.

Most important: The £7.50 doesn’t stretch to insured mail with tracking. You can have it sent to your work address, to a South African post office box, to an Italian airport with a postal strike, to whatever address we think you scrawled with that broken pencil on the Weetabix wrapper. Our responsibility ends at the Post Office, if you want tracking it’s an extra £4 and you have to ask for it before we send.

Hot tip: If you discard the Vee block and put the cb-625 in a Mail Lite bag, with no extra protection, it is just possible to keep it under one inch thick and send it as a Large Letter for 96p rather than as a Small Parcel for £3.36. However, be sure to use the Vee block that comes back with it because we calibrate to the Vee block. Catch 22 applies, if you don’t send the Vee block there is no hope of repair under warranty.