Free Windows ME/2000/XP/vista/W7/W8/W10 software chrono.exe (273K) for serial interface. (Sorry but not Win 95/98 anymore)
This is a further developement release of the interface software with help and will self install.
It has optional metric units – meters/sec, grams and joules.
Download as a file then run it from the Windows explorer.
Build 01.09.00 now autosenses between Mark 1/2/3/4 and has the RMS value in averaging fixed.
Also senses and works with any Serial port installed.

If your PC is 64 bit the original doesn’t install so happily so we recompiled the same thing for them. Here it is using the standard Windows installer for W7 and W8 64 bit versions. CB-625.msi

Naturally Windows 10 or such will protect you from any naughty applications you download so select More Info and it will admit that its only problem is that it doesn’t recognise us. If you want software from us you just need to select Run anyway.

If you put the logging file on your desktop it is easy to find and the software will not require Administrator Permission before it can write to it.