How to open your Chronoscope

In order to fix your Chronoscope you’ll need to open it, this can be done via the following steps:

  1. Remove the two large screws as well as the Pinch Bolt and Nut.
  2. After taking off the back of the case slide off the two metal sun filters.
  3. Remove the battery stack.
  4. Unscrew the four small screws holding down the circuit board.
  5. Pull the circuit board free, this might be stiff so just tug it firmly.
  6. Remove the remaining sun filters.
  7. If needed cut the u-section around the sensors, slide it away to remove.

How to change an optic

Damaged optics is a common error, if you think you have this problem and can repair it yourself just follow these steps. You’ll need a soldering iron, a cutting tool, a solder sucker and a pair of forceps.

  1. Snip the damaged optic with a cutting tool.
  2. Heat the solder holding the optic and suck it away to remove.
  3. Hold the exposed wire with a pair of forceps and heat the solder.
  4. Pull gently to remove.
  5. Once the wires are clear, reheat the solder and clear it from the hole.
  6. Push the new optic into place, make sure the bumpy side faces inward.
  7. Melt fresh solder over the pad to fix it in position.

How to Close your Chronoscope

Once you’ve repaired your Chronoscope you’ll need to put it back together again:

  1. If required slide the u-section back over the clear optics, then push the black optics into the holding with a firm click.
  2. Place the sun filters back over the optics.
  3. Push the circuit board back in the case.
  4. Screw the four small screws, don’t over-tighten as this will damage the case.
  5. Replace the batteries.
  6. Put the back of the case back on and screw the two large screws in.
  7. Replace the Screw Bolt and Nut.
  8. Check that the optics are fitted snugly in line, if not, push them gently into place.